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02 April 2014

So here's the upcoming shows that I'm in:

  1. 5 April the aforementioned show at Audio Foundation
  2. 11 April at AF: Reuben Derrick, Hermione Johnson, Kraus and Drew McMillan
  3. 17 April Gary war, Purple Pilgrims and Kraus at AF
  4. 20 April Kraus at 68 New North Road
  5. 26 April Pouffe, Pumice and It Hurts Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at AF
  6. 30 April::: Herriot Row, Purple Pilgrims Cash Guitar (!!) and Kraus at Wine Cellar
  7. 3 May Maltese Falcons hollow grinders and piece war at Biddy Mulligans in Hamilton

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